We Deliver Nutrition and Wellness Services for Artists and Professionals in the Music and Creative Industries




Music & the arts

Artists in creative pursuits often have little time to plan and follow a healthy diet.

Stressors and lack of healthcare can cause or exacerbate health issues.


Mental Health

 Musicians are at an increased risk of suffering from mental health issues. Nutrition and an integrative wellness approach can directly impact mental and physical health.


life on tour

Life on the road poses many logistical challenges and healthy eating is often overlooked. Meals coming from gas stations or fast food establishments do not properly nourish a traveling artist.

One-on-one work with a professional



Full Nutritional Assessment

Anthropometric Screening

Meal Planning

Nutrigenomic and Food Sensitivity Testing

Tailored Supplement regimen



Take us on tour with virtual and personal support


Rider Writing and Review

Tour Bus Stock

Meal Planning

Ongoing Virtual Support

Meal Ordering & Delivery